Artistic, antique touches in Aranda

When Leslie approached me with her Aranda bathroom renovation, I immediately knew it was going to be a challenge. For starters, the bathroom had previously been renovated, but not well – even the framework was non-standard. We basically had to start from scratch. The second unhappy surprise was…termites! But more about that later, I’d rather talk about the fun stuff first.

Falling in love…with tiles

Leslie had fallen head over heels for a stunning Italian glass mosaic tile which incorporated beautiful pearlescent accents. She loved them but wasn’t sure she had the courage to really commit to them…What if it was all too much or it didn't fit the style of her Aranda home? I usually say the only limitations during a renovation are budget and imagination, but in this case, we also had to do something to reassure Leslie that she could trust her instincts.

My designer worked with Leslie to show her how her dream tile could be incorporated into a design. We wanted to make sure that she felt confident and excited about her bathroom design. I’m so glad she stayed the course, because the tiles really are something special. They create a unique and classy feeling as a huge tiled feature wall and are a real centerpiece of the room. We kept the other walls and the floor simple, so that we didn’t detract from the main event.

Restoring an antique vanity

Leslie had an antique wooden wash basin that she wanted to incorporate, but it needed a bit of modernising. We added a scalloped stone top (you can see it in some of the photos) in a colour that complemented the feature tiles, and a curving basin to keep the smooth, rounded feeling of the stone. Knowing how much this feature meant to Leslie, we tracked down a matching wash basin and converted it into a laundry sink and matching cabinet for the laundry corner of the room. They are a perfect pair and really bring a sense of consistency and antique charm to the room together.

Dealing with termites

I mentioned termites earlier – every homeowners nightmare! Unfortunately, once we started Leslie’s bathroom we found termites making a meal of her walls. This is where the benefit of a fixed bathroom quote really worked in Leslie’s favour: Where an open-ended quote would have seen a renovator likely knock out all the walls at an additional cost of up to $8000, we were able to incorporate a lot of the termite removal work into what we were already doing. Instead of knocking out all the walls completely, we removed and replaced the internal timbers. Additional materials cost an extra $1500 – with no extra labor charges this was a huge saving for Leslie!

A modern yet traditional bathroom and a happy customer

Leslie was so thrilled with what we were able to do for her – she loves her new bathroom and told me she’s so glad we helped her find the confidence to trust her instinct and go with the Italian glass.

‘I feel happy whenever I’m in my new bathroom! It’s exactly what I wanted but somehow even better! Mark and his team really listened to what I wanted, what my vision was for the room, and worked with me to make that happen.’


We were thrilled to work on this beautiful bathroom and to help bring Leslie’s vision to life. We’re sure she’ll be loving it for years to come!

Got some big ideas for your own bathroom but not sure where to start? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and quote – I’d love to help bring your ideas out of your mind and into your bathroom!

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