A classic ensuite for a classic home

A classic ensuite for a classic home

Hazel and Laurie got in touch with me to update an ensuite in their classic 1950’s Hughes home. They have a love for antiques and for quality, timeless pieces and décor, which needed to be reflected in the ensuite. I was also conscious that Hazel and Laurie were getting older and needed a space that was not only beautiful, but safe and functional as well.

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Being inspired by their home

They were very open to our ideas and I was inspired by their traditional styled home to build them a classic room that would perfectly suit their house. I recommended ARTE fleur-de-lis tiles for the floor, as they are very striking and beautiful, but still classic – it wasn’t the right space for a bold geometric statement, for example. Hazel fell in love with the idea right away, with Laurie not far behind.

Safety, functionality and beauty

We wanted to be sure that this ensuite would be safe and easy to use, as well as being a beautiful space to inhabit. Our first step was to level out the floor so there was a smooth transition from the bedroom, into the bathroom and then into the shower.  We also countersunk a strip drain to ensure there were no trip hazards. We added a frameless sliding shower screen because it’s simple to use and beautiful to see. Italian subway tiles on the walls complemented the patterned floor and balanced the look of the room. We also added obscure (frosted) privacy glass, which is a great way to add a subtle modern touch to a room to keep it contemporary while remaining classic. It’s about striking that perfect balance of old and new.

 A very happy couple.

Hazel and Laurie are very happy with their elegant, functional ensuite. ‘We’ve had disappointing renovation experiences in the past, but this definitely isn’t one of them!’ said Hazel. ‘We love how well the ensuite fits with the style of our home, but with all the modern conveniences.’

We loved taking this ensuite from old and tired to classic and elegant, and we’d love to do the same for you! If you have a bathroom or kitchen that needs a bit of love, get in touch for your free consultation and quote!

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