A vision comes to life in Monash

A vision comes to life in Monash

When we started talking to Monash couple Glen and Courtney about updating their ensuite and their bathroom, all we really had to do was stand back and let Courtney lead the way – she had a vision locked and loaded. She’d done her research and knew what she wanted (and what she didn’t!), so our job was to listen closely to deliver exactly what she dreamed of.

A modern country style bathroom and ensuite, with high-end finishes and feature pieces was the plan. Courtney has a very discerning eye and every piece she chose was carefully considered and met her very exacting specifications. The result is two stunning rooms that bridge the gap between country and modern styles.

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A masterful Master bathroom

The artisanal crayon tiles are the most striking feature of the main family bathroom. Courtney wanted white crayons on the floor paired with a striking blue feature wall. I feel like they really bring a contemporary vibe that really elevates the room and make it unique. A thoughtful touch was the back-to-wall bath, which provides a stylish look to the room but saves on cleaning time – perfect for the main family bathroom which gets a lot of use (especially with the kids splashing around in there each evening!). The marble-topped double vanity is hard-wearing but glamorous and provides lots of room for both kids.

An international ensuite

The ensuite really is a global room with Italian handmade Nicolazzi tapware, a swiss hand-finished basin, and a german shower! But the highlight has to be the volcanic limestone clawfoot Victoria & Albert bath, which draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. It’s a really special piece and I know Courtney will get a lot of use out of it. As always, we were sure to focus on the small details – the inset strip drain, the smooth transition from floor to shower, and installing a beautiful streamlined Kado Lux 3-in-1 heat lamp.

Getting the hidden details right

As always, we wanted to start from scratch with these rooms – we stripped the walls and floor right back so we could review the bones of the room. We always check the quality of what is already there and find solutions to any hidden problems before they become nasty and expensive surprises. We believe you can’t finish a renovation perfectly if you don’t pay attention to these details at the beginning. An extra challenge was that this wasn’t a ground floor renovation!

Courtney and Glen are thrilled with their new ensuite and bathroom. ‘It looks just how I envisioned it’ says Courtney. ‘Every piece is so special. It could be in one of the magazines I read!’.

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