Bathroom renovation costs in Canberra

According to the Housing Industry Association, the average cost of a bathroom renovation in 2019 was between $22,000-$28,000. Remember, this is just an average – yours could be more or less.

A budget renovation in a small bathroom can be as low as $16,000, however there are significant shortcuts taken with these kind of renovations. While a major renovation in a larger bathroom can cost $25,000-$28,000, depending on the work being undertaken. You also need to factor in the cost of prime cost items, such as tiles, baths, vanities, etc.. Most quality renovators do not include products in their quotes.

There are good reasons for this large disparity in pricing, such as:

  • Structural work
  • Moving plumbing
  • The cost of tiles and fittings
  • Additions such as a skylight or window
  • Insulation
  • The size of the bathroom
  • Whether the bathroom is timber framed or brick
  • Whether the floor is timber, suspended concrete or concrete on ground
  • The amount of electrical work required
  • Complex room shapes

Because of these and other factors, bathroom renovations are generally divided into categories:

  • Standard: This costs between $16,000 and $25,000 for the Building work
  • Premium/luxury: This costs over $25,000 for the building works

Other considerations