Things to think about when planning your renovation

  1. Renovations can be stressful, costly and overwhelming, so hire a bathroom specialist to complete the project – not just the cheapest company. A specialist will manage their own trades and staff, keep an eye on the budget and timeline, and co-ordinate the renovation to minimise disruption to you.  Bathrooms are a specialised area with very tight deadlines and coordination of Demolition crews, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, material and product suppliers.
  2. Organise your product selection well in advance.  Everything should be onsite before the project starts. Leaving decisions until the last minute can cause significant project delays and additional stress. A specialist can help organise this.
  3. Buy products that comply with Australian standards. All products installed in a bathroom need to be covered by an Australian Standards WaterMark . If it doesn’t have a WaterMark we are not legally allowed to install it.
  4. Buy from specialist bathroom stores and choosing reputable brands. This will also mean less headaches down the track if you need a spare part.
  5. Take the opportunity to replace the plumbing pipes if the design of your bathroom doesn’t work for you.  It is cheaper to keep pipework where it is, and if you are simply giving your bathroom a facelift this is not problem. However, you are likely investing a lot of money and energy into your renovation so make sure you get the room of your dreams.
  6. There are some common delays across renovations. A bathroom specialist will be aware that these might be an issue and work to resolve them before they even arise.
    1. product selection
    2. product delivery,
    3. missing or damaged parts from an order.